Wiltshire Landscape Tapestries Shortlisted for The Cordis Prize for Tapestry 2016

The World’s biggest Tapestry award was held at The Royal Scottish Academy, Upper Galleries, The Mound, Edinburgh. 29 Jan-20 Feb 2016

Fiona Mathison one of the judges, and a former lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art wrote the following for the accompanying catalogue:

"Justine Randall’s is an extraordinarily ambitious work. Distilled through methodical research from her local landscape, the tapestries speak of colour and of seasons. Each of the four tapestries represents 3 months. The yarn has been dyed to 60 precise shades, the warp divided into precise rectangles. Every rectangle is woven with precision. Justine like all the weavers represented here has an idea and a determination to execute it to perfection. This work sings, and yet any weaver knows just how difficult it is to make something as accurate and yet still keep that joy in it. That object quality of weaving is used to perfection here; it is a very controlled piece yet still exuberant. "